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Handling Taxes and Investments

While remote working is quite inspiring, it does come with… 

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Meditation: Why bother ?

The life of a remote worker is not easy. The remote working… 

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Why write

Writing such a important skill 🏹 to have in your… 

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Rationale of being on the road

I realised that I am not very productive during my travels.… 

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Thank God for Books

I recently finished a book written by Scott Adams, the… 

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Cities and Ambition

Have you felt limited by the ambition of your city/town ?… 

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Save for a rainy day

A remote job is not gonna last forever and hence it is… 

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Joy of Missing Out (JOMO)

Cal Newport, in his book Deep Work, advocates that social… 

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Make memories while you are hard at remote work. Flow is… 

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Fear of the Unknown

Remote work offered me a chance to toughen up 💪… 

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