Why remote work matters

  • Have you been caught in traffic on the way to the office and felt like banging your head on the steering wheel ?
  • Have you stayed in office late into the night, because you wanted to have quiet time to meet an upcoming project deadline ?
  • Have you felt guilty because you were not be able to attend your friend’s wedding because of a job in a far-off city ?

If you nodded your head instinctively to any of the above questions, then this post is just for you. And don’t feel bad about your current scenario. I have been in those undesired circumstances as well. Sometimes you gotta accept them. However you should know that you have a choice. A choice to have a job which allows you to work remotely. A choice which leads to a better life.

I have been working remotely for the last 2 years and it has opened the door to a superior quality of life. I have finally discovered job satisfaction – a term that cropped up in annual employee surveys before but felt unattainable.

Now you might be thinking – “That’s a bold argument. Can you explain in detail why you believe remote work leads to a better life ?

Sure !! That’s why I wrote this post. Without further adieu, let me dive into the reasons why remote work matters.

Freedom from soul crushing commutes

There is a massive amount of social science and public health research on the negative effects of commuting on personal and societal well-being. Longer commutes are linked with increased rates of obesity, high cholesterol and blood pressure, back and neck pain, divorce, depression and death.

As you can see in the above illustration, the human potential wasted on commutes is astonishing. This time could be greater used in worthier activities like spending more time with the family or working on a side project.

Remote work allows you to wave a magic wand and reclaim this lost time and improve your physical and mental energy. Also you contribute to Captain Planet by not burning fuel. How cool is that.

Being in control of your work environment

In modern workplaces, things have gone from bad to worse with the advent of open office plans. People generally find that they get work done either if they come in early or they stay late after everyone leaves.

In remote work, you get to decide your own rules and your productivity is valued over your attendance. Deep work happens when you are in control of the your environment and schedule.

The many joys of Location Independence

You don’t need to be in Silicon Valley (or in any of the big cities) to have a great job. Your success does not depend on your zipcode(pincode). Earlier that wasn’t the case. You had to leave your hometown and move to a location where there were better opportunities.

With remote work, the game has changed. You can work for some awesome companies without leaving the confines of your room. Your friend’s room should work just as fine.

I have worked from the beaches in Thailand and the Himalayan mountains in Dharamshala. My clients got value because of my skills and I have had experiences which are beyond words. Win-win for both parties and there is no need for job satisfaction surveys.

Location independent lifestyle results in other perks as well

  • You can take care of your loved ones and be a part of important moments in their lives
  • Build a tech community in your hometown and contribute to the local economy
  • Choose a city which suits your needs. Keep your expenses low as you don’t need to stay in a place where living expenses are very high. San Francisco do you hear me ?? 😛

If the above arguments rang a bell, then what are you waiting for ? Jump aboard the remote ship and sail to the brave new world. A world in which your location is not a determining factor for a good life. A world in which you take back control and usher in a new era of freedom and luxury.

I leave you with this beautiful insight from a blogpost by Jason Zimdars explaining why he works remotely.

My daughter comes home starving. Taking 10 minutes to make her a snack makes both of our days.

She could totally do it herself and I could totally keep working but which 10 minutes am I going to remember? Which will she remember?

What do you want your loved ones to remember ?

PS: I am currently writing an ebook “A developer’s guide to working in PJs”. If you are interested in receiving an email when it’s ready, then please signup here. Thank you !!

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