Introducing RemoteIndian Slack Community

So I was thinking about, “What’s the hardest part about working remotely in India ?

The first thought that cropped up was that you need to be disciplined and productive everyday. You need to have good habits.

The second understanding was that you need the info to work remotely. You need access to quality content and jobs. Umm .. Really ?? Based on this report that I read recently, around 58 per cent office-goers in India are already working remotely at least once a week 😱

It seems like you do figure out the productivity and “how to get a remote job” part on your own. This is especially true if you have growth mindset in your life.

What then is missing piece of the puzzle ?

After reflecting some more, I figured out that it’s mostly about how you connect with people. It’s about finding purpose in those human conversations.

It’s about finding your tribe.

“The opposite of belonging is to feel isolated and always (all ways) on the margin, an outsider. To belong is to know, even in the middle of the night, that I am among friends.”—Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging

Remote work can get lonely, especially if you don’t have colleagues around to ask for advice, or share a good joke with.

This got me curious:

  • How do we create meaningful relationships, remotely?

Introducing RemoteIndian Slack Community

We have 87 members who have already sent 7,947 messages. Twiddly thumbsters here 😄

They create a lot of value like …

💼 Sharing jobs

🤗 Make sure everyone’s supported

👍 Sharing tips

💪 Sharing fitness gyaan

💬 Sharing work and getting feedback

🌞 and discussing anything under the sun!

Why join this community?

Some people go travelling as nomads to connect with others, which can be great fun. Yet, not every remote worker can do it nor do they want to do it all the time.

Our goal is to make RemoteIndian’s Slack Community a safe space for having conversations which generally don’t happen in India. I believe these interactions will keep you going through the ups and downs of remote work.

PS: If you want more details about the possibilities this community offers, you should definitely checkout our Slack Manual 📝

Happy Remote Working 😊😊

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