8 Mac Apps that make my life easier as a remote worker

These are list of apps which have been really useful in my journey as a remote worker. I hope you find some of them to be useful as well. Do share notes if you are already using one of these tools.

IAWriter (Paid)

Writing things out helps to form clear ideas and this app is one of the key reasons why I am able to write more. The interface is clean and uncluttered which keeps me focused while I try to find my way with words. And the best part is that I get to use markdown 😎

Freedom (Paid)

“We’re moving toward this era where we’ll never be able to escape from the cloud. I realized the only way to fight back was at an individual, personal level.” – Fred Stutzman, the inventor of the service

Internet is a great servant but a bad master. And freedom is an awesome app to make sure that the internet does not get in the way of getting shit done. Yes it’s a paid app but then I have already got my money’s worth because of all the time I have saved by not checking distracting websites during my work day. Just set a schedule and the selected websites shall be blocked during the mentioned time blocks.

Evernote (Free)

I use Evernote every day for keeping notes and journals. It helps me to stay organised and plan my projects. Also I can collect inspiration from different places on the web, and reformat them to my own liking. The dependency on this app is so huge that I subscribed to the premium plan when I heard that the company was not doing very well on the financial side. I think it is our duty to support the apps we love.

Flux (Free)

This app is a standard fixture on any listicle mentioning worthy Mac apps. What does it do ?? It makes the color of your screen adapt to the light in your room. So if it’s day, it is much brighter and when it is past sunset, the screen turns orangish. Try it and cut out the eerie white light that prevents you from shutting down your laptop in the night. Also your eyes will thank you later.

Toggl (Free)

I use toggl to track my time. Time tracking might seem cumbersome but then toggl makes it very very easy. Even if you forget, the idle detection and tracking reminders have your back. Also it plays well with other apps like trello and todoist.

Hyperswitch (Free)

This one is the odd name in this lineup. Not many must have heard of it, but then it’s a personal favourite of mine. Coming from the land of Windows, I missed the intuitive keyboard switcher. After scouring the internet, I finally settled on Hyperswitch to get back the power of “Alt + Tab”. Now I can’t imagine working without it.

Jumpcut (Free)

A simple clipboard manager for the last 15 things you copied (or cut). It has come to my rescue many a time when I might have copied something but then overwritten it by copying something new. Try this tool and trust me, it will save you a lot of frustration.

CleanMyMac (Paid)

Having a 128GB hard disk space sucks. Why ? Because it fills up so quickly and then one fine day I realise that my machine is working so slow. CleanMyMac is a smart tool that digs up all the old junk and cleans it in one click. Voila !! I have a happy and productive Mac now 😊. And I don’t need to worry about all the directories where Chrome caches its data.

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