Hi there, I am Abhishek and I have been working remotely since last 2 years. Making the shift hasn’t been easy. Contrary to my thoughts, the journey as a remote worker has been tougher. There were a lot of challenges on the way which have forced me to look within. The realisation that discipline equals freedom has not yet sunk in completely.

Is it worth it ? Absolutely. I have been able to reclaim my life by working remotely.

  • No more spending time in traffic
  • No more paying exorbitant market rates for house rent
  • No more having to choose between a solo trip and a trip to meet my parents
  • More time for side projects
  • More time for taking care of my health
  • More time for relationships
  • More self discipline

And I have barely scratched the surface here.

The important thing to note here is that I had to learn discipline by failing. I guess there’s no other way.

However I wish I had other like minded people around me when I was finding it tough. As remote workers, help is not as easily available as it is when you are working in an office. You have to be deliberate. And this community is a deliberate attempt to build a sacred space which I wish was there when I was starting my journey.

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